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Wholesale Gourmet Foods have the best Wisconsin Bratwurst, the best Wisconsin Sausage,
The Only Gourmet Sausage Straw, The Only Gourmet Sliders, The Only Gourmet Bratwurst Patties and The Only Gourmet Breakfast Patties.
Give your customers
Fresh Gourmet Foods That Only Taste Expensive!

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Wholesale Brat Patty ~ Wholesale Bratwurst Patty
Bratwurst Patties at it's finest. Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Brat Patties are a staple for any restaurant menu or bar menu. For your grocery store or convenience store, Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Brat Patties are a must have freezer item. Brat Patties are Gluten Free, never any added MSG.
Wisconsin Fresh Brat Patties are made with Farm Fresh Meats, Farm Fresh Vegetables and Wisconsin Fresh Cheese.

Wisconsin Fresh Brat Patties -  No Additives - No Preservatives - No Fillers 

Wholesale Bratwurst ~ Wholesale Wisconsin Brats
Fresh Gourmet Bratwurst has Bratwurst for every flavor profile. Wisconsin Fresh Brats are the Best Wisconsin Made Bratwurst available. Our Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Brats are available for your restaurant menu, bar menu, food stand or food truck. Your grocery store, convenience store or commissary will sell more Wisconsin Fresh Bratwurst than any other national brand 5:1.

Get Wisconsin Bratwurst on your menu or in your store today. Choose from 40 Gourmet Bratwurst Flavors, you can't go wrong with Wisconsin Brats. Available in food service loose packed casing or retail store packaging.

Wholesale Breakfast Sausage ~ Wholesale Breakfast Patty
Fresh just launched their New Gourmet Food Line of Gourmet Breakfast Patties. If your restaurant serves breakfast this is a must have breakfast food for your restaurant menu. Breakfast Patties are best gourmet food for your restaurant menu available in 4 gourmet breakfast patty flavor profiles. Wisconsin Fresh Breakfast Patties are available for food service in 10lb case loose packed case sizing or in 2/5lb bulk packaging to make you own size patties or use in Omelets or scrambled eggs. For your wholesale grocery store freezer foods or wholesale convenience store freezer foods we offer 6:1 12ct - 5/10lb case packaging.

Wholesale Brat Sliders ~ Wholesale Beef Sliders ~ Gourmet Sliders ~ Gourmet Appetizers
Fresh Introduces Gourmet Brat Sliders and Gourmet Beef Sliders. These Gourmet Sliders are the perfect wholesale food item for your restaurant menu or bar menu. Offer these gourmet brat sliders or gourmet beef sliders as an appetizer or as an entree. Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Sliders will keep your customers coming back. Gourmet Sliders are available
in 4 gourmet flavor profiles. Food service loose packed in 6:1/10lb case or retail packaging 6:1/12ct - 5/10lbs case

Tailgater Approved !

Nationwide Distribution

Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods ~ Gourmet Beef Jerky is here! This is the best Beef Jerky you can buy wholesale. So, tender, and juicy and full of that Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Flavor that your customers love. As a Beef Jerky Distributor, we know that our wholesale Beef Jerky sell extremely well in convenience stores, grocery stores, specialty stores, outdoor stores and bars. Our Wholesale Beef Jerky is great for your deli department in our large tubs, your customers will buy beef jerky by the piece and buy beef jerky bulk. In bars, your customers will buy our wholesale beef jerky as a retail snack food to munch on and you will end up selling more beer and drinks. Whatever you need retail snack foods for, you need Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods and all of their wholesale snack foods.

Wholesale Gourmet Beef Jerky ~ Gluten Free Snack Foods

Wholesale Gourmet Summer Sausage - Gluten Free Sausage
Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Wholesale Summer Sausage is the best Summer Sausage in America. You will find our Gourmet Summer Sausage to be that throw back old fashioned flavor that your customer's love. Our variety of Gourmet Flavors will keep them coming back for more. Available in 7 Gourmet Summer Sausage Flavors your customers will become brand loyal with Wisconsin Fresh Wholesale Summer Sausage. Our attractive packaging lets your customer know just what they are buying, Gluten Free Summer Sausage, Gourmet Summer Sausage and it's from Wisconsin ! Get these Summer Sausage in your grocery store, convenience store or specialty store today.

Fresh Gourmet Foods That Only Taste Expensive

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New Wholesale Gourmet Foods

Wholesale Gourmet Bloody Mary Garnishes ~ Wholesale Cocktail Garnishes
Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods Bloody Mary Garnishes -
Gourmet Garnishes at their best, your customers will love the look and taste of our Gourmet Garnishes for you're Bloody Mary Cocktails. A great addition to you're Bloody Mary Drink Recipes.
Available for your Restaurant Cocktail Menu, Bar Cocktail Menu, Grocery Store, Liquor Store, Specialty Store. Wholesale Distributors are welcome - Click Here for Wholesale Distribution

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Gourmet Sliders 6:1 Patty

Wholesale Appetizers ~ Wholesale Sliders ~ Wholesale Bar Sliders ~ Wholesale Restaurant Sliders ~ Wholesale Beef Sliders ~ Wholesale Pork Sliders ~ Wholesale Appetizer Distributor
8 Gourmet Sausage Bite Flavors

When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Sausage, When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Bratwurst, When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Brat Patties
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When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Pork Sliders
When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Wisconsin Cheese Curds, When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Bloody Mary Garnishes

The only right answer is. . .  Wholesale Gourmet Foods

Wholesale Sausage Snacks ~ Gluten Free Gourmet Snacks
These are the perfect Grab N' Go Impulse Snack. Available in 8 Gourmet Flavors that are sure to please all tastes. Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Sausage Snacks are gluten free, nutritious snacks that grab the customers' attention. Put these in the checkout line or in the snack or gourmet isle. Your customers will keep coming back for these gourmet snacks that beat out national brands 9:1. Gourmet Snack Bites from Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods are the best sausage snacks in the country, get them in your grocery store, specialty store or convenience store today.

Wholesale Wisconsin Sausage Sticks - Gluten Free Snack Sticks
Nothing beats Wisconsin Sausage and Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Sausage has the best sausage sticks anywhere. These Gourmet Sausage Snacks come in 11 gourmet flavor profiles that are sure to please everyone. Try our New Gourmet Sausage Snack Bites, bite sized sausage that are perfect for impulse sales. Get the sausage sticks and sausage snack bite in easy Grab N' Go retail packaging for your retail store, convenience store or anywhere you have a checkout line.

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Wholesale Bloody Mary Sausage Straws ~ Gluten Free Sausage Straws
Fresh has the only true Gourmet Sausage Straw. Bloody Mary Sausage Straws are the perfect compliment to you're Bloody Mary Cocktails. Wisconsin Fresh Sausage Straws for your favorite Bloody Mary Drink are available in 11 Gourmet Sausage Straw flavor profiles. Get Wisconsin fresh Sausage Straws for your restaurant, bar or resort in wholesale food service loose packing cases or get them for your retail store, grocery store, liquor store or convenience store in our attractive, eye catching 4ct or 7ct retail packs.

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