Service ~

Wholesale Gourmet Foods, we are here for one thing, to serve you. We are available early, at lunch, after dinner and late. We believe in WOW Service.
What is WOW Service? It is service that you will remember forever, not just for a few days or weeks. Wow Service is passed on to your customers as well through our Gourmet Food  Products.

Did your business run out, or forget something, let our emergency service get it to you fast! This is just another way we separate ourselves from the competition.

Our Company vision is complete customer service. Serving you and your customers every step of the way.

Wholesale Gourmet Food specializes in Gourmet Foods including, Gourmet Brats, Gourmet Brat Patties, Gourmet Sausage, Gourmet Summer Sausage, Gourmet Cheese, Gourmet  Cheese Curds, Gourmet Sausage Snack Sticks and Gourmet Sausage Straws.

By Specializing, Wholesale Gourmet Foods are able to keep your costs down and provide you with the service you deserve. 

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 About Us ~

 As a Wholesale Food Supplier Chicago, we are dedicated to excellent service to our customers. Fresh Gourmet Foods are our only products, Gourmet Food does not mean expensive, it  means fresh, quality food. Our gourmet line of Smoked Beef Sausage  and Pork Sausage is tops in the country in sausage food, gourmet food categories.

 Wholesale Food Distributors in Chicago, well they are everywhere. As a business owner, you need a food distributor that is dedicated to your success. Wholesale Gourmet Food is  dedicated too not only your success but your customers satisfaction with our products as well. Our food service is not just a service, it is a way of life in food distribution.

 Wholesale Gourmet Food distributes its Specialty Gourmet Food Products to Grocers, Bars, Restaurants, Specialty Stores & Gourmet Food Stores from our Wholesale Food  Distribution Chicago location.

 Give your customers expensive taste, without the expensive price tag with Wholesale Gourmet Foods.