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Gourmet Beef Jerky

12 - 3 oz Case

24 - 3 oz Case

12 - 5 oz Case

24 - 5 oz Case

10 - 8 oz Case

20 - 8 oz Case

Retail Packaging

Food Service

2 - 32 oz Tub / Case

4 - 32 oz Tub /  Case

Refill The Tub
1 - 5 lb Loose Case

2 - 5 lb Loose Case

  Original Gourmet Beef Jerky

  Cracked Peppercorn & Garlic  

Wisconsin Fresh Original Gourmet Beef Jerky is O' So Good! These are great selling grab n go items for the counter top or check out isle, they sell great at bars in our Custom Jerky Tubs to sell by the piece. Only Wholesale Gourmet Foods have these Original Gourmet Beef Jerky Flavors. Try one, Try all, today.

Get this Beef Jerky Snacks in your Retail Store, Convenience Store, Specialty Store and absolutely get the Bulk Beef Jerky for your counter in your Deli. Our Beef Jerky Wholesale will increase your bottom line with our wholesale pricing. As a Beef Jerky Supplier and a Snack Food Distributor we will provide you with the necessary tools to sell our product and make the most money for your business.
Put our Gourmet Beef Jerky on clip strips in your Bar and your customers will not only buy the Beef Jerky for sale but they will also buy more beer and drinks as a result. Buy our Beef Jerky in Bulk to maximize your business profits.

Call or e-mail us today for samples of our Wholesale Beef Jerky or any of our Wholesale Snack Foods.


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