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Gourmet Bloody Mary Garnishes - Gourmet Garnishes from Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods - Click Here to see our selection of Gourmet Bloody Mary Garnishes

 Now Available

Gourmet Cheese Curd Snack Packs - Bite size Cheese Curd snacks are available in 3 oz & 5 oz size packs. These are a perfect snack item for impulse sales. Click Here

Wholesale Pricing on our Gourmet Foods

Wholesale Gourmet Foods, we are here for one thing, to serve you. We are available early, at lunch, after dinner and late. We believe in WOW Service.
What is WOW Service? It is service that you will remember forever, not just for a few days or weeks. Wow Service is passed on to your customers as well through our Gourmet Food Products.

Our Gourmet Food Products will WOW your customers with quality, gourmet, fresh, and unique foods. Our Gourmet Brat Patties and Gourmet Bratwursts are hard to keep in stock, but we do, always.

When you offer our product to your customers, you know that you are giving them the freshest quality foods available. Your customers will taste the difference in quality gourmet foods from Wholesale Gourmet Foods.

We specialize in Wisconsin Cheese, Wisconsin Sausage and Wisconsin Bratwurst. This allows Wholesale Gourmet Foods to turn all of our attention to you and your customers, because in any business, Customer Service is first.

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